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JULY 20 - 21 | JULY 22 - JULY 23 | JULY 27 - 28 | JULY 29 - 30 Context 365 Online Platform

Context Summits, the pioneer of the one-on-one conference format is taking its proven structure online. Through Context Summits Virtual Conferences, allocators and managers can connect and network directly and privately through Context 365 – our propriety platform.

All registered participants will be able to schedule and conduct one-on-one video conference calls during the duration of the scheduled event in the platform.

Similar to Context Summits’ signature in-person events, the Context Summits Virtual Conference will allow registered allocators and managers in the alternative investment community to connect and network directly and privately through an online platform to help foster relationship building. Features of the conference include the ability to search and filter on specific allocator and strategy characteristics, message and schedule meetings, and conduct one-on-one video and conference calls.

The following upcoming events are open for registration:

July 14-15 – Minority-Owned Funds (Manager Registration closed)

July 16 – Allocator Roundtable: Fixed Income and Liquid Credit

July 20-21 – Global Macro Funds

July 22-23 – Quant and Crypto Funds

July 27-28 – Volatility Funds

July 29-30 – Fixed Income and Liquid Credit Funds

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