Managers attending a Context Summits event will now have an opportunity to showcase their fund and PM with a studio quality video. The Fund Video, which will reside in the profile section of the Context Summits scheduler, will be a great marketing tool that assists Managers with increasing the volume and quality of meetings. Managers will also receive a copy of the video for use in their own marketing efforts.


Increase the volume and quality of meetings with allocators at Context Summits events
Build awareness for your Portfolio Manager with a professionally shot video
Enhance your on-going marketing by using the video for other marketing purposes
Appeal to hundreds of allocators by showcasing your value proposition within the scheduler
Educate allocators on your fund ahead of your meeting

How it works

Video will be shot interview style which minimizes preparation time
Video interviews will be shot on-site at Context Summits
Managers will receive professional coaching during their video shoot
Edited video length will be 3-5 minutes
Please contact your sales representative for further details and availability.